Topic 2: Reflective Summary

Having completed my own blog entry on this topic and read entries from the rest of the class, it is clear that this is a topic that is determined much more by personal opinion than what we have covered so far.

I thought that Ben’s post summed up the dangers that I see with having multiple identities on the web, Catfish is a great example, it’s pretty entertaining viewing but it definitely makes you think (and question quite how gullible some people are!)

The general feeling that I got from most of the blogs was that most people felt the use of multiple identities could rarely be used for innocent reasons, something that Francesca and I discussed in the comments section of my post.

I found the idea of 4 Chan and Tor a pretty confusing concept, something which Andrew was able to explain to me in his comments section. Now having a greater understanding of it, I actually find it even more worrying than I did when I read about it originally to write my first post on this topic.

I think for me personally, if you’re putting it on the web you should be happy for people to see it. My internet browsing shows me to be a pretty dedicated shopper and a compulsive procrastinator, but there will be people out there who are searching for things far more dangerous than I am and do we really want this to be done entirely in secret and without any trace? I don’t really think we do..

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