Topic 6: I’m now a Statistic and other discoveries from UOSM2008…

I created the video below to highlight the key points that this Module has taught me, but 45 seconds simply wasn’t enough time to cover everything, and so below is a ‘proper’ post to make sure that I haven’t missed anything important!

Prior to participating in this Module I had only ever completed ‘traditional’ modules, which focussed around weekly lectures, essays and assignments. After 3 years of this format, I found the remote teaching and the bi-weekly topics hugely refreshing. Most importantly though, despite only meeting the rest of the class twice, once at the beginning of the Module and again towards the end, I really felt like we engaged much more than a traditional class.

Enjoying a Module is all well and good, but what have I actually learnt?

In all honesty, far more than the length of this post will allow so I will try to keep it brief!

I’ve learnt that blogging is hard work and takes some serious commitment. Prior to this I always thought all those rather glamorous looking beauty and fashion bloggers had a pretty easy life, but gaining and maintaining followers, keeping content interesting and relevant and developing your own distinctive style all takes time and dedication. Having a set timetable every two weeks built up a routine which I discovered was very important!

I’ve finally embraced Twitter (sort of!) Before this Module I had an account, which could be described as dormant at best, it’s now active, but not prolific. So this is definitely an area for further improvement and development. Being able to Tweet Lecturers directly with questions was great though, especially for simple questions that needed a brief answer.

From my point of view, as a final year student, Topic 3 was of the most interest in regards to developing my Professional Profile. I’m rather proud of reaching 109 connections, a number which seems to grow most days. And in the process of this Module, I have truly learnt the absolute value that it can have. Breaking News: I’m now employed! I start my first proper job in late June, thanks in part to LinkedIn, so you could say that I’m one of the statistics I was so keen on in my Topic 3 post.

Even more interestingly I’m entering the field of Digital Marketing so maybe, just maybe, this Module had a far deeper impact on my life than I could ever have imagined.

Will I continue Living & Working on the Web? Definitely, it’s now an aspect of life that is totally unavoidable, so the knowledge that we have gained through this Module will be invaluable as we enter the ‘Real World’.

Will I continue Blogging?
Yes, I really think I will. I’ve registered another Blog Title on WordPress, so watch this space!

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